Pluribus Poker Ranges- RFI from Highjack (HJ), Cut-off (CO), and Button (BU)

We are going to detail Pluribus poker ranges for RFI. So as we’ve seen, we need minimum data to build reliable Pluribus ranges. For Highjack, Cut-off, and Button, I’m confident the numbers are good. I’ll dedicate another post to the small blind as that is a totally different story.

Again, we see familiar ranges more or less, he still likes Kxs, Qxs etc. more than I’m used to. Sizings stay pretty dynamic, and is consistent with Poker Snowie with somewhat bigger sizes from the Button.

Again please consider the legend and use judgement with the number of hands actually delivered to Pluribus, for instance in HJ, JTo with 19 hands is reliably a mixed strategy with 50-55% open. J8s with only 2 hands, well maybe he folds.

Highjack – HJ

Poker opening ranges from HJ
RFI HJ opening range Pluribus

So we get 22.4% open from the HJ when LJ has folded. Pretty standard, still a few tuples with a mixed strategy, offsuit broadways, A9o and 65s.

Highjack Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

Pluribus bet sizes from HJ


Pluribus opening ranges poker Cut off RFI

So this gives a 30% open from the cut-off when it’s folded to Pluribus.

Cut-Off Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

yes sometimes Pluribus gets out of line… at 3.5 BBs

Button (BU) RFI

Button raise first in Pluribus poker ranges

So we’re starting to see less hands, for instance Pluribus never got KQs which I assume he opens 100%. Still the chart looks pretty reliable.

It yields an open 44% of the time Pluribus can actually raise first in from the button.

Button Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

So these sizings are really different, significantly larger than from earlier positions. This is similar to what we see with Snowie, although still well below 3BB. And the sizings are all over the place. I couldn’t find a pattern, can you ?

Small Blind Play

Well here the numbers for each tuple don’t allow for a reliable range chart. Especially as Pluribus plays a mixed strategy of limp and bet and it’s all over the place. So we detail what we can gather in a specific small blind post.

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