Pluribus poker hands ranges – RFI recap

So after looking at Pluribus poker hand ranges at all positions and Pluribus bet sizes, what learnings do we really get ?

So let’s look at the rfi frequencies actually played by the 10 pros and Pluribus on the course of 10k hands. Bear in mind these are the frequencies actually played, so slightly different from the actual ranges (although very close) ie when Pluribus gets dealt a lot more JT than 32, it does have an impact on the frequency. So not the same numbers that I’ve shown in the ranges.

Pluribus hand ranges
Pluribus real is the frequency built from the constructed ranges as opposed to actually played.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, except the small variations between players show there is not yet a full concensus on rfi preflop ranges, but I think this is coming soon. Basically the Pluribus poker hands opened ranges are very close to snowie or upswing poker ranges, so this will converge.

Key Learnings RFI Strategy from Pluribus Poker Hands

  • Ranges don’t change much, review, fine tune ever so slightly, add a few Kxs early.
  • Randomise bet sizes, check the charts for actual sizes per position, nothing too complicated. 50% 2BB, the rest split between 2.25 and 2.5. Exception from BU with more 2.25 and 2. 5 than 2BB.
  • From the SB, 63%range, then 50/50 limp/bet, and same split between bet sizes.
  • Once in a blue moon for fun, bet 3, 3.5 or even 4BB. Any handx doesn’t matter.
  • Not saying this is what we should do, just the poker hands Pluribus plays and their bet sizes, but if past history is anything to go by, decent players will move that way.

What poker hands Pluribus opens from the small blind

Range of poker hands

Pluribus opens 63% from the small blind when previous players have folded. He plays very standard hands, for the ones we see in the dataset. So your favourite equity poker calculator like Equilab or Flopzilla will give you a very good estimate of the range at 63%. limps and bets

Because the small blind is last to open, he’s usually facing RFI and there aren’t enough poker hands in Pluribus data to display an open range as I did from the earlier positions. However we can make decent inferences.

Pluribus mixes limps and bets

More interestingly, Pluribus mixes almost exactly 50% (within the 63%) limp vs bet. She bets and limps from all over the place. I can’t be 100% sure but it looks very much like the range is 63% and then randomizer 50/50 for limp or bet.

We’ve often thought a mixed limp/bet strategy is ideal but so difficult to implement that we resort to bet / fold only. Now with 50% bet/limp known as probably optimal, we can easily replicate and implement. Even after a raise from BB, we almost don’t care whether we did bet or limp as we would find pretty obvious, balanced ranges for 4B, flat, or fold. So I think that’s the key Pluribus learning from the SB.

As usual when Pluribus bets, she uses a mixed strategy for bet sizes across all poker hands. Here it is:

bet sizes for poker hands played by Pluribus from small blind
You can also picture a big limp column to the left 🙂

How poker pros open from the small blind

Finally let’s look at how all the pros opened from the small blind. There is quite a difference in poker hands frequencies between those 10 guys :

Poker hand frequencies played by pros and Pluribus.
Pros on the SB when it’s folded to them

So for instance look at differences between Mr Blue, Mr White or Gogo. By the way if you wonder which of these Tarentino guys is llinuslove, the answer is none. He didn’t play in the Reservoir Dogs nor Kill Bill tables. Llinuslove played in the one pro against 5 bots games. Carnegie Mellon did not publish those results.

Have a look we’ll recap on poker hand frequencies of all players from LJ to Button.

Pluribus Poker Ranges- RFI from Highjack (HJ), Cut-off (CO), and Button (BU)

We are going to detail Pluribus poker ranges for RFI. So as we’ve seen, we need minimum data to build reliable Pluribus ranges. For Highjack, Cut-off, and Button, I’m confident the numbers are good. I’ll dedicate another post to the small blind as that is a totally different story.

Again, we see familiar ranges more or less, he still likes Kxs, Qxs etc. more than I’m used to. Sizings stay pretty dynamic, and is consistent with Poker Snowie with somewhat bigger sizes from the Button.

Again please consider the legend and use judgement with the number of hands actually delivered to Pluribus, for instance in HJ, JTo with 19 hands is reliably a mixed strategy with 50-55% open. J8s with only 2 hands, well maybe he folds.

Highjack – HJ

Poker opening ranges from HJ
RFI HJ opening range Pluribus

So we get 22.4% open from the HJ when LJ has folded. Pretty standard, still a few tuples with a mixed strategy, offsuit broadways, A9o and 65s.

Highjack Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

Pluribus bet sizes from HJ


Pluribus opening ranges poker Cut off RFI

So this gives a 30% open from the cut-off when it’s folded to Pluribus.

Cut-Off Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

yes sometimes Pluribus gets out of line… at 3.5 BBs

Button (BU) RFI

Button raise first in Pluribus poker ranges

So we’re starting to see less hands, for instance Pluribus never got KQs which I assume he opens 100%. Still the chart looks pretty reliable.

It yields an open 44% of the time Pluribus can actually raise first in from the button.

Button Pluribus RFI Sizing Distribution

So these sizings are really different, significantly larger than from earlier positions. This is similar to what we see with Snowie, although still well below 3BB. And the sizings are all over the place. I couldn’t find a pattern, can you ?

Small Blind Play

Well here the numbers for each tuple don’t allow for a reliable range chart. Especially as Pluribus plays a mixed strategy of limp and bet and it’s all over the place. So we detail what we can gather in a specific small blind post.

Pluribus Poker Ranges – RFI LJ

Let’s us look at the opening ranges of Pluribus when UTG/LJ, basically first to speak pre-flop; he can fold, limp, or bet… and actually never limps.

So the big surprise, if any, in the range is the bet sizes, going from 2BB to 3.5BB. Some of the other pros had a bit of variability there but not that much. Pluribus opens 18.6% from the LJ, which is a bit wider than what we’ve been used to with Snowie and others.

The only “real” surprise in actual hands is probably suited Kings, playing 100% with K8s, maybe with K7s (only 2 hands), and 2/3 of K6s. I find very odd that once each, AKo and JJ were not opened. Then more suited connectors than we usually see, with apparently a dislike for 87s. Obviously in order to open a bit wider, there are a few more offsuit broadways mixed in, like KT/JT at low frequency, and KJ at 55%.

Another surprise for me is there is not that much mixing up the hands, some, but very reasonable. Sizes however are all over the place.

Displaying here ranges with some additional data on number of times Pluribus actually got the hand, percent open with it, and average, min, max bet sizes. Because the statistical significance of frequencies is limited (although not too bad for RFI), it is important to consider how many times Pluribus was in a given situation. For instance, he got AJo 17 times, and bet each time, we can be confident he opens at a high frequency with AJo. On the opposite with T8s, he got the hand 4 times at the LJ, and bet once, so we compute 25% but that could end up being 10% or 50%, all we know is sometimes he bets it, sometimes not.

So it is important to not take percentages for granted. Still the chart gives a very good idea of how Pluribus opens.

Pluribus AI poker range RFI LJ
Pluribus AI poker range RFI LJ

Bet sizings are best looked as a distribution with percentage per sizing, in number of BBs. In general I would say sizing lower than what we’re used to, but with a lot of variation with sizes going up to 3.5BB. Either the CFR algorithms never converge on opening sizes so it stays more or less random or there is a real reason. Can’t really see what this achieves, again some of the pros did vary their sizings slightly so there must be a good reason to do it. What do you think ?

Pluribus poker bet sizing RFI LJ
Pluribus poker bet sizing RFI LJ